ICE modular, Gen 2


Доставка по Киеву:

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  • отправляем службами доставки «Новая Почта», «ИнТайм», «Автолюкс»
  • расчет при получении товара
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  • при заказе свыше 2000 грн – доставка за наш счет


ICE modular, Gen 2
Виробник: Toyota
ID: 3742
Наявність: На складі
17,202 грн.
With the Toyota rear entertainment centre your passengers can watch a video, view photographs, play games or listen to music.

Media flexibility

*DVD player with CD, MP3, MP4, WMA and DivX compatibility.

*Compatible with many games consoles (adapter may be required).

*USB and SD card slots for accessing media, video and photographs.

*Smartphone A/V input.

User friendly

*Adjustable 7” TFT screen unit with remote control.

*Top loading disc slot suitable for child use.

*Stereo sound via headphones (No speaker built-in).

*Can be used at home via optional 12V adapter.

*Optional second module for twin screen viewing.

*Optional wireless infrared headphones.


*Modules can be removed for security when not in use.

*Meets all crash and impact testing standards.

*Does not affect anti-whiplash seat head restraints.

*Integrated installation with no trailing wires or cords.

Toyota LC 200